General conditions of sale and use

SAM DRIVE SERVICE provides transport services by means of Passenger Vehicles with Driver (VTC), exclusively on reservation and at a previously defined price.

The head office is located at 26 rue Pierre Loti 17440 AYTRE.

The company is registered in the trades directory under Siren number 853 328 839 and in the Register of Touring Car Operators with Driver under the number EVTC 01719196301.

APE: 4932Z


The purpose of these General Conditions is to define the conditions applicable to transport service concluded between Sam Drive Service and its Customers.

By using the services of Sam Drive Service, the Customer is presumed to have taken note of these General Conditions of Sale which establish a contractual relationship between Sam Drive Service and its Customer. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to access the Sam Drive Services Service and use them.

The company is free to modify these General Conditions of Sale at any time, whatever the cause or the pattern.


2.1. Formulation by the Client of his service request

The Customer can request a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

. on the website or through its app

. by phone at 06 27 54 91 96

You must provide personal information relating to your name, first name, address, telephone number phone and a valid payment method, but also accept to receive SMS from the Sam service Drive Service only for organizing your trip.

2.2. Content of the service request

The customer provides all the information concerning his service request. He is solely responsible for these information, the following of which are considered essential to the contract: date of service transport, pick-up location, drop-off location, pick-up time, number of passengers (adult / child), number of bags, type of service (airport shuttle, exclusive or collective, other journey).

The Customer must mention at this stage any additional request in the comment field, such as a baby seat, an infant car seat or a booster

2.3. Price determination

Sam Drive Service sets the price of the service based in particular on the information provided by the Customer, according to the tariff in force on the platform on the day the transport services are performed.

The price is expressed in Euros, VAT not applicable Article 293B of the CGI (for micro-entrepreneur). It is firm and final except in the cases referred to in § 5 and 7 below.

2.4. Customer reservation and payment

The reservation process allows the customer to receive, read and verify the details of his service request, as well as the indicative price to be paid for the service ordered. From the time the Customer confirms his reservation, it is firm and final, the price is accepted and settled.

The price is paid by credit card via a secure electronic payment system, STRIPE. By providing their bank details, the Customer accepts in advance and without conditions that Sam Drive Service proceeds with the secure transaction and authorizes its bank in advance to debit its account for the amount of the service.

For the other payment methods granted, invoices are payable in the vehicle or at the head office. Failing this, the payment of interest and late penalties as well as damages may be required.

The company is committed to ensure the confidentiality of all personal data communicated by the Client, as well as the security of data transmitted on the Platform. Card data bank are not retained by the company after payment. In order to ensure the security of payments, the Platform uses STRIPE secure payment services. These services integrate the SSL security standard (Secure Socket Layer). Confidential data (the 16-digit bank card number as well as the expiration date) are directly transmitted encrypted to the STRIPE server without passing through the physical media of the company’s server.

2.5. Issue by Sam Drive Service of a booking form

After confirmation by the Customer of his request for the service and payment of the price, Sam Drive Service checks the availability of his drivers and sends him, in return, by email only, a booking form summarizing the information related to the service. There may be a certain delay (maximum 2 days for an advance reservation), processing before receipt of this booking form. The command customer has been received and payment is only taken when the booking form is sent or at the end of the race.

The Customer is responsible for verifying the information contained in the booking voucher.

If it is impossible for the company to send said reservation voucher by email, the reservation is presumed to comply with the customer's request.

2.6. Special case of collective airport shuttles

In the particular case of collective airport shuttles, namely shuttles whose pick-up point load or drop-off location is an airport, and which are carried out using a vehicle shared by several Customers, the reservation will only be deemed final two working days following the issuance of the reservation during which the company reserves the right to cancel it.

In addition, in the 24 hours preceding the pick-up time appearing in the booking voucher, the schedule of care may be modified for the proper organization of its activity, more or less one hour.

The company undertakes to immediately inform the customer, by all means, of these changes.


Subject to the specific case, any modification of one or more essential elements of the reservation results in its cancellation.

The company will make its best efforts to satisfy the request for modification made by the Customer.


4.1 Cancellation by the Customer before the pick-up time

If the cancellation of the reservation by the customer occurs before the pick-up time indicated in the booking voucher, the reimbursement conditions are:

- for collective airport shuttles: 100% refund if the cancellation occurs more than 3 days worked before the date of transport; 0% otherwise.

- for other journeys: 100% refund if the cancellation occurs at least 3 days before the date transport; 50% refund if the cancellation occurs 2 days before the date of transport; 0% in the other cases.

4.2 Cancellation by the Customer after the pick-up time

No refund will be made in this case

The service is deemed canceled by the Customer if the latter has not informed the company of its delay, either, in the case of airport shuttles, within half an hour of the airport pick-up time indicated in the booking voucher, or within 10 minutes in other cases.

4.3 In case of immediate cancellation

If the cancellation occurs within 5 minutes of sending the Sam Drive Service booking voucher, the service will be reimbursed at 100%.

4.4 Cancellation by the company

In case of force majeure, the company may have to cancel a race for the following reasons: delay too much of a driver, vehicle breakdown, traffic jams. Sam Drive Service will notify you at most early and will provide a full and immediate refund for the race. No other compensation can be required from the client.


5.1 Passenger delay

In the event of a delay due to the customer, the latter must notify the company as soon as possible, which may as soon as possible then make your driver wait, or assign another driver. The schedule of reservations in front of adapt to its contingencies, the customer may have to wait until the next driver arrives.

Any delay by the passenger (s) in relation to the pick-up time indicated in the reservation entails an increase in the price of the service according to the following terms ( also applicable for flight or train delays):

- the first 20 minutes late is free

Au-delà :

- 10 minutes to 30 minutes late: 15 euros

- 30 minutes to 1 hour late: 30 euros

- for any additional half hour late: 15 euros

The payment of these surcharges takes place at the latest when the passenger (s) get into the vehicle.

No refund will be made in the event of an unjustified delay on the part of the customer, and the race not done.

5.2 Driver delay

The User may also be granted a discount in the event of the Driver being late on the price of sale of the service and the amount of which is progressive according to the length of the driver’s delay in comparison to the official time of departure for the service.

This rebate applies at the initiative of the company, as long as the cumulative conditions are met.


6.1 Performance of the services

Sam Drive Service undertakes to perform or have performed the transport services in accordance with the reservation and in compliance with all regulations and legislation in force within the allotted time and according to the GTC.

6.2 Insurance

The company is guaranteed by a well-known solvent insurance company which covers the risks related to its activity in accordance with the regulations in force. In the event of subcontracting, the company ensures that the people and companies it uses meet the same conditions.

6.3 Litigation

In the event of a dispute, the responsibility of the company can only be accepted on the condition that the Customer provide proof of wrongful behavior on the part of the latter and of a causal link with the damage invoked.

The responsibility of the company cannot be sought in the event of force majeure (event outside the society, irresistible and unpredictable) such as disruption of traffic routes due to bad weather, demonstration, accident, breakdown or malfunction of telecommunications networks, shortage of workers of work or materials ...


7.1 Support

The Customer undertakes for himself and for the passengers for whom he has contracted with the company to behave in accordance with the following provisions:

- compliance with the rules of the Highway Code (wearing of seat belts, car seats, booster seats, etc.)

- ban on smoking and transporting hazardous materials

- respect for the driver and his vehicle

- respect for other passengers who may share the vehicle and the driver with you (questions too personal, discretion in using the telephone, inappropriate language or gestures, discrimination ...)

- no physical contact with the driver or passenger, seductive behavior, will be tolerated.

Failure to comply with these provisions engages the exclusive responsibility of the Customer and passengers both to society than to third parties. In the event of damage to the equipment or vehicle attributable to the Customer or to the accompanying passengers, the latter will be held automatically responsible and will have to reimburse the company and / or the driver for the cost of repairing the damaged vehicle or equipment.

A client who is ill due to excessive alcohol consumption or other reasons will be required to take the cleaning costs at his expense.

The company reserves the right to refuse to take charge of or to disembark a passenger who does not respect these obligations.

7.2 Luggage

Passengers are solely responsible for the items and luggage in their care. In case of forgetting in the vehicle, the responsibility of the company can not be sought.

Passenger luggage is placed in the trunk of the vehicle for safety reasons within the interior. A small piece of hand luggage may be kept with the passenger at his feet, under no circumstances on the seats.

Animals can be transported but within a specific cage throughout the journey.

7.3 Accuracy of the information provided

The customer agrees to transmit accurate information on his contact details, name, addresses, e-mail and telephone number so that you can be reached during the entire booking process but also by the driver during the pick-up. In case of default, if the customer cannot be reached, the company will be in no case responsible for not being able to honour the past reservation, and no refund can be made considered.

7.4 Safety on board

Passengers are required to fasten their seat belts from the moment the vehicle has started and the assumption of responsibility started. A fine is incurred by those found at fault during an inspection by law enforcement.


These General Conditions of Sale as the service contract concluded between the Customer and the company are subject to the rules of French legal order.

Any resulting dispute, whether relating to their validity, interpretation or execution, even in summary proceedings, guarantee appeal or multiple defendants, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of La Rochelle.


The company reserves the right to freely modify the CGV-CGU. Therefore, you are invited to refer during your visit to the site to find out about their latest version available. You can then freely access the platform if the new conditions suit you.